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Massage Effects
Therapeutic and Stress Relief Solutions
Paul C Schwartz  NCTM AMTA
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Paul C Schwartz  NCTM AMTA


I have gone above and beyond basic massage training by acquiring
certification as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist certified by the
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork,
which requires continuing education to maintain certification.

I am an active professional member of the
American Massage Therapy Association AMTA
which governs the massage therapy profession and defines the
policies and code of ethics for massage therapists.

I received my initial training at the Pittsburgh School of Massage
Therapy, which is nationally recognized for providing excellence in
education since 1986.  Following fundamental massage training, I
successfully completed advanced medical massage training along
with a certification in CPR by the American Heart Association.
My goal in providing Therapeutic &  Stress Relief
Massage Solutions is to create an environment of complete health,
relaxation and rejuvenation for the body and mind.

My skilled practiced hands will ease away tension and stress as they
work to improve deep muscle tissue circulation and balance the
neuromuscular system.  A sense of deep relaxation and recovery will
be the achieved result. With regular treatments you will experience
enhanced physical strength, mental alertness and a boost to your
immune system.  The
 benefits and effects of massage therapy will
allow you to feel healthier and function more productively.

My ultimate wish is for all to incorporate massage into their
life plan towards physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.
Massage Effects is professionally owned and operated by myself
Paul C Schwartz.  I am a nationally certified massage therapist
located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.  I provide expert
Therapeutic Massage utilizing a combination of various massage
techniques that include but may not be limited to Swedish,
Neuromuscular and Myofascial modalities.  

Together we can customize a therapeutic massage session that
meets your needs and comfort level to accomplish your goals of
pain management, stress relief and relaxation.  Massage is
performed in the comfort of your own home or office in
Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas.  All massage services are
therapeutic in nature and nonsexual.

Rates are affordable $40-$95 per session with
Special Discounts
for new and frequent clients.  Contact us for an appointment
so we may aide you in relieving your symptoms thus returning
your body to a state of functional health and wellness.  Additionally
for those wishing to give the extraordinary gift of health and
Gift Certificates are available.
Massage Effects
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Swedish Massage
Ideal for individuals who
wish to reduce stress and
tension in their lives and
relax fully.
Therapeutic Massage
A specialized form of
manual therapy that
focuses on the contracted
deeper layers of muscles
in specific areas of pain
and discomfort.
Myofascial Touch Therapy
This effective therapeutic
technique manipulates
fascia the elastic web of
connective tissue
surrounding the muscles.
Releasing this fascia
allows the muscles to
return to their correct
length and position thus
releasing tension and
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Paul C Schwartz  NCTM AMTA
Did you Know

The Therapeutic effect of
massage has its greatest
benefits over time
allowing your body to
release stress more
readily and maintain a
felling of relaxation and
wellness for a longer time.
Massage Effects